What is Multi Stone

The "Multi Stone" is a mineral stone which the properties of all kinds of stones are gathered in it. Producing, turning, and mounting it on jewelry are being carried out incooperation with the Sargon Limited Liability Company and Thai and European companies, in multilateral and international cooperation. The Multi Stone includes the following components:
1. Turquoise (Anti-Evil Eye)
2. Jade
3. Hadid (Disposing of negative energy)
4. Goldstone (anti-stress)
5. Two types of salt stone (with therapeutic properties)
6. Magna Stone (which has magnetic and therapeutic properties)
7. Emerald compounds (Alumina)
8. Ruby compounds (silicate)
9. Agate
10. Lapis Lazuli
11. Peridot
This stone is scientifically called "Multi Stone" (or multivitamin of the stones), and, from the perspective of belief, the other name of this stone is the resolver of difficulties because it is a combination of different kinds of stones and is respected by the believed people.